Youth Ministry

Families Welcome! We are currently creating our youth ministry and have space for you! To involve our youth in service, they help take up collection, read the Daily Word, or simply read and draw if needing an activity. We want so much more for them though.

Unity's mission is to give our youth the tools they need to live a meaningful spiritual life. This isn't by telling them how to live, rather it's helping them find their own inner knowing of the truth of who they have come here to be. Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, believed our mission was not to “entertain the children, but instead, to draw them out.”

At Unity Lake Houston, we hold to this mission and envision creating a nurturing environment for our families with children. We are currently looking for adult volunteers willing to take on this role and training is available. Please contact with your interest. Volunteers must go through a background check to work in the youth program.

Programs to be created:

  • One classroom for pre-school through elementary.
  • Middle school and high school group
  • Next Generation/Young Adult special services for college age and beyond