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Volunteering is one of the fastest and most impacting ways to put spiritual principles into practice.

Just like any community, Unity Lake Houston thrives thanks to those who serve in roles both big and small, from opening the door to welcome guests each Sunday, reading the Daily Word during service, making coffee for the hospitality crew, to serving on one of the various committees. Volunteering is a way of claiming ownership in your spiritual center and giving back to the community as a whole.

At Unity Lake Houston we have many volunteer opportunities. Some may take only a few minutes every Sunday, others a couple of hours each month. Whatever it is, we welcome your gifts and your talents, and we are grateful for your role in the community.

Feel free to talk to our volunteer coordinator before or after service, or send an email to


Volunteer Position Descriptions

All team members and volunteers should be present at 10:00 a.m. for pray-in in order to create an inspiring and welcoming presence for our community.


  • Review order of service.

  • Assign a congregant to read Daily Word and another to collect love offerings.

  • Welcome guest speaker and prepare his/her introduction.

  • Turn on candle at 10:15 a.m.

  • Be available for congregants and guests after service.

  • Ring bell two minutes prior to service begin.


Prayer Chaplain

  • Be available for prayers before and after service (at the moment especially after).

  • Check that prayer box is setup correctly.

  • Bring prayer box for blessing during service.

  • Take home prayer requests, pray over them for one week, then send to Silent Unity.

  • Inform Pastoral Care Coordinator of prayer count.


Service Setup Coordinator

  • Setup of platform for service.

  • Help with setup of welcome table if needed.

  • Ensure that room setup is correct; coffee, mugs, and hot/cold water are provided.

  • Inform administration if any forms/cards are getting low.

  • Provide script for platform chair.

  • Count collection and fill out collection forms.

  • Collect guest information and volunteer sign ups.


Welcome Team

  • Set up welcome table.

  • Remain present at welcome table from 10:15 a.m. until after welcome prayer.

  • Watch for late comers and attend to them.

  • Greet guests and guide them to their seats.

  • Hand out welcome packages and gifts as new guests arrive.

  • Connect guests with board members or spiritual leader.

  • Be available for any questions before and after service.

  • Collect guest information if appropriate.



  • Put out yard signs along street.

Media Team

  • Ensure that a/v equipment is connected and in working order.

  • Test the PowerPoint/Keynote presentation.

  • Ensure that the wireless remote is working.

  • Test microphones/lavalier (if needed.)

  • Check for updated versions of PowerPoint/Keynote presentation.

  • Start slide show after 10:00 a.m. pray in.


Book Study Facilitator

  • Make sure room is set up correctly.

  • Welcome new guests.

  • Lead the discussion.

  • During study, make sure that discussion stays on topic.

  • Inform guests that they are welcome to stay for service.


Daily Word Presenter

  • Read the Daily Word prior to service.

  • Present the Daily Word at the platform.

  • Emphasize the affirmation.


Hospitality Coordinator

  • Ensure that tables and chairs are set up for fellowship.

  • Ensure that coffee, tea, and water are available at 10:00 a.m. Refill sugar, creams, napkins, etc.

  • Organize and distribute any snack offerings.

  • Clean coffee urns and kitchen after service.


Music Coordinator

  • Ensure that all music is selected and ready to play.

  • Check with a/v coordinator that equipment is running.

  • Test microphones.

  • Cue background music from 10:15 to 10:30 a.m. (if live music.)

  • Play music/background music as per order of service.



  • Open the door and welcome guests.

  • Show guests around for coffee, tea, and seating.


Cleaning Team

  • Check paper towels, toilet paper supplies.

  • Clean bathrooms, windows, and vacuum sanctuary as needed.

  • Wash table cloths as needed.



We are always looking for regular attendees and those who join us on occasion to engage in our community by taking on opportunities at hand. Currently, we are looking for:

  • Hospitality team members

  • Welcome team members

  • A/V team members

  • Platform chairs

  • Daily Word readers

We have also opportunities to join our committees, such as:

  • Outreach Committee

If interested, please contact

Give of the Heart

We are a tithing community. We share a tenth of your financial gifts to us with organizations such as Humble Area Assistance Ministries (HAAM), Unity Worldwide Ministries, and other Unity spiritual centers in the Houston area. We also seek out ways to help in the area including our annual food, toy, and coat drives, as well as participation in the Alzheimer's Walk. If you have another way we can support our local community, please let us know your idea and help us organize it.