Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our Vision

We are a joyful, loving community where all come together to awaken to Oneness in spiritual Divinity.

Our Mission

We expand spiritual Awareness by inspiring and supporting personal transformation.

Our Core Values

Spirit-Led—We are centered in Spirit and lead ourselves along the path of spiritual Growth.

Generosity—We fearlessly contribute by acknowledging the abundant flow of Life and Prosperity. We generously give as we have already received.

Transformation—We transform ourselves through the spiritual Principles we practice. Such transformation is the change in the world that we envision.

Diversity—We embrace all paths, beliefs, and orientations. We thrive in our uniqueness and Oneness with all.

Integrity—We authentically speak and act upon the Truth we know. Our word holds weight and is worth being heard.

Comm-Unity—We build comm-Unity in harmony with and openness to all.