A Unity Lake Houston membership comprises of some primary observences, including

  • helping accomplish our mission of bridging differences for everyone to belong,
  • living according to our principles and practices (the Five Unity Principles), 
  • supporting our community according to the tithing principles as taught by Unity Lake Houston,
  • observing a daily practice of personal transformation,
  • and finding ways to contribute family, friends, and community in a meaningful way.

Membership application

To be eligible to apply for membership at Unity Lake Houston, one must have

  • taken the Unity Lake Houston membership class offered regularly after service
  • and shown a commitment to their spiritual growth and serving our mission in a capacity meaningful to them and our community.

To apply for membership, fill out this ULH Membership Application Form.

Membership renewal

Within the first month of every year (January), all memberships of Unity Lake Houston expire automatically and require a renewal process. To remain a member of Unity Lake Houston, one must express such explicit desire and complete a membership renewal form.

To renew your membership, fill out this ULH Membership Renewal Form.