Board of Directors

chris angel (treasurer)

Chris is our resident geologist. He finds the most precious diamonds in every one of us. His love for the outdoors shines through in everything he does. He likes to camp and be active whenever he has a chance. As treasurer, he carries a significant responsibility to guide Unity Lake Houston into a prosperous future. He also feels passionate about his photography and envisions an imaginative future based on what he captures with his observant eyes. 

Rev. Jean-Marie Schweizer, LUT (spiritual leader)

Jean-Marie has spent most of his life studying and practicing various spiritual backgrounds. As a meditation teacher of 20 years, he appreciates the harmony between intellect and heart-centered practical application. Studying simultaneously for a Master in Divinity and a Master in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, he pursues his passion to help individuals to find their path in a world that resonates most with them. He is a passionate teacher of meditation and metaphysics—the lifeline of anyone's soul. 


Marita is our resident musician. She taught music for many years after she graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor's in Music Education. She now owns and manages her own driving school after teaching drivers' education for almost 30 years. As of this year, Marita considers herself semi-retired continuing to follow her love of teaching kids and volunteering at Unity Lake Houston. She is our service coordinator and a passionate member of our pastoral care team. And, she is an avid fan of the Houston Rockets.

Marla Robinson (secretary)

Marla is our resident enterpreneur and gifted artist. She runs her own e-commerce store while taking care of her mother at home. She likes to spend as much time as possible pencil-drawing portraits, painting landscapes, flowers, or whatever inspires her. Marla has a rich background in administration, is a former real-estate agent, and is currently taking care of Unity Lake Houston's accounting and our volunteer coordinator. One of her joys in life is Marla's enthusiastic white Maltese "Trooper."

Stan Hicks

Stan is our resident programmer and calming influence. He is a man of few words but when his words are transpiring it usually gets appropriate attention. There is much that can be said about the resonance of the Unity teachings in everyone's life. Stan would find a way to sum it up into the basics and what it ultimately represents. His clarity is a silent guidance as it projects confidence beyond the usual suspects.